EXCLUSIVE: Syrupent Sunday- The Invincible Chewnicorn

See that guy above? That’s Mr. C…one of the strangest Chewnicorns around. He first came to my Garden when I planted that special Gem Tree that Chewnicorns have a fond attraction to. He ate those tasty little gems I planted for him. One-by-one *crunch*…*crunch*…*crunch*… they were gone. Then his little black & white body was emblazoned with color as he became a resident. My first Chewnicorn and I…was…happy. :)

Mr. C and I had some wonderful times together. I’d watch him as he would wander around the Garden, healing Pinata here and healing Pinata there with his special powers. That made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Good ol’ Mr. C, Pinata Healer Extraordinaire! All was great and wonderful in the world and then…it happened…

Now look, I love achievements. There’s just something about seeing that “Achievement Unlocked” message pop-up on screen that utterly excites me. So when browsing through the achievements, I noticed one for making a Pinata worth 10,000 Chocolate Coins. A devious plan came to mind then that involved none other than Mr. C himself. “I’m going to accessorize him” I thought. And boy, did I ever.

I casually took a little trip over to the Paper Pets shop in the village and purchase the most expensive accessories that were available at the time. I didn’t care how nice or ugly they were, just as long as they would get their job done. They did. I returned to the Garden, accessorized ol’ Mr. C up and presto, there it was: ‘Achievement Unlocked’. As for Mr. C? He wasn’t happy. At all. He stomped around the Garden not caring about the poor little Raisant he just squashed, not caring about the Whirlm dying from sickness beneath the hedges…only caring about himself. Can you blame him? I just whored him out for an achievement! But hey, I wasn’t about to let a little temper tandrum cost me my hard-earned cash, so I cautiously approached him to remove the accessories so I could sell them back to the Paper Pets Shop. That didn’t quite work out.

Mr. C couldn’t be touched! That’s right…he became completely uninteractive! The cursor couldn’t be placed on him, no squirting with water…heck, I couldn’t even whack him with the shovel! And so it was. Mr. C came to be known as “The Invincible Chewnicorn” due to this extraordinary gift. Always there, marching around the Garden as a king. No matter how badly I wanted to sell him, it was absolutely impossible. Nothing could be done with the little booger!

Hope however, ignited into my heart one day. I’m just wandering around the Garden watching Petey the Dragonache when I noticed something blue collapse to the ground. It was Mr. C!! He was was sick, dying in a puddle of water. I don’t know how it happened because there was no sour candy in the Garden… he just fell over. And, sad to say, I was happy. Finally, I was going to be FREE! Dastardos then approaches the Garden like a reaper in the night. Closer he came. And then he was upon him, ready to take its soul with his touch of death. My jaw dropped in awe. Dastardos leaves and Mr. C is still lying there sick. That’s right, not broken up! Stunned I was, not knowing what to think. He should be dead!

But oh no… it didn’t end there. Guess what happened next? HE STOOD UP! Yes, that blue goober stood right up and carried on his business like nothing had ever happened. I whipped out my shovel in a rampage and started whacking away like a mad man….to no avail of course. Still alive and very much invincible. There was no hope for it…he was here to stay forever.

And there you have it. That’s the story of Mr. C, “The Invincible Chewnicorn”. Even today he still wanders the Garden without a care in the world. Watch this video below for some footage of that death defying twerp and then offer any advice as to how to get rid of this monstrosity in the comments. Please…I beg of you!