EXCLUSIVE: Syrupent Sunday- The Wild Card Pinatas

In both Viva Pinata and Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise, there are scores of different Pinata with their own unique personalities and traits that are specific to them. Each and every Pinata species also has a very rare form available that the game’s refer to as a ‘Wild Card’.

Wild Card Pinata are the most difficult form of a Pinata to obtain in your Garden. They appear to be nearly identical to other members of the same species, but there is actually something that is uniquely different. A Whirlm, for instance, will have little spikes edged across its back while a Bunnycomb will have a longer tail. Now how is it that you acquire these Wild Card Pinata? Well it actually varies between both of the Xbox 360 exclusive titles.

In the first Viva Pinata, the Wild Card Pinata are randomly generated and basically obtainable by pure luck. They are extremely difficult to acquire and there is no indication as to when you may or may not get the elusive and rare creatures. The best thing to do is to just continuously romance the Pinata your interested in a having a Wild Card of and hope that when that egg hatches you’ll have been lucky enough to acquire one.

In Trouble in Paradise, obtaining a Wild Card Pinata is still somewhat difficult (depending on the Pinata) but no longer based on luck. This time, Wild Card Pinata are “won” via the Romance Dance mini-games. Once you’ve romanced a Pinata enough times to become a Master Romancer of that particular species, then simply collecting all of the hearts and successfully winning the Romance Dance mini-game will award you with a Wild Card Pinata. Much, much simpler than before, but it does take away from the rarity of the Pinata, which is a bit unfortunate. On the bright side, it does significantly provide aid in increasing not only your own personal wealth (they can be sold for a hefty amount of Chocolate Coins) but for the Garden’s overall worth as well.

The Wild Card Pinata is a very welcome and nice touch to the series overall and it’s always exciting to have those special Pinata as residents in the Garden. I do have a preference toward the original game in this respect due to the sever rarity of acquiring them. It truly did make it even more exciting when one was finally obtained! What are your opinions on the Wild Card Pinata? Share your thoughts in the comments!