EXCLUSIVE: Tribal Tuesday: What Is A Tribal?

Tribals are a space dwelling race that inhabits the planets introduced in Jet Force Gemini’s solar system. They are led by their leader King Jeff, who asks the JFG team to rescue them on their mission to save the universe from the evil tyrant Mizar. Mizar, despite his true identity has endangered the Tribal species and won’t hesitate to kill them.

What seems as a simple side mission at first, rescuing each and every Tribal from an untimely death eventually becomes a top priority for the JFG team. Without rescuing them, they will be incapable of acquiring some items that are absolutely necessary in completing their quest. It is arguably the most challenging portion of the game.

In the case of a Tribal being killed, it is possible to collect the Tribal heads. This was meant as a fun and interesting gesture, but perhaps to also show how many times the player failed to save the Tribal species. Failure equates to having to replay a particular misson again for another attempt at saving the endangered species.

So what is a Tribal, really? Another thing to collect. An innocent yet treacherous little being that absolutely must be rescued at all costs to win the game and defeat Mizar. Good luck Jet Force Gemini team! You’re going to need it…