EXCLUSIVE: Why Kinect Sports Rivals’ Delay Could Negatively Impact Both Rare And Xbox One

Last Thursday, news surfaced that Rare’s upcoming title, Kinect Sports Rivals, had been delayed until Spring 2014. The reasoning behind this decision is due to the game needing more polish so that it will release at a satisfying level of quality. I am fully behind that reasoning and understand that if a game is to be released, then it should be at a state that everyone would be pleased with. However, the fact that it’s going to take almost another six months for that to happen and cause the game to miss its initial Xbox One launch is very concerning.

As you already know, Xbox One will be releasing this November and every box as of this time will come packaged with a newer, more advanced version of Kinect. Bearing that in mind, Microsoft needs a game that would showcase what the new Kinect is capable of in order to prove that it’s a product that consumers can get behind. Rare’s Kinect Sports Rivals was the game to do that and with it no longer releasing at launch, it’s a very disconcerting situation. How do you convince people to buy an Xbox One with a packaged in Kinect that their paying for without a software title prepared to convince them ? Unless Microsoft has some secret, unnannounced Kinect exclusive game ready that we don’t know about, then they’ll be failing to deliver one of the most important games needed at Xbox One’s launch.

The other negative side to this lies with Rare and Rivals themselves. With Rivals no longer making the Xbox One launch, it’s indeed possible the game will not be as successful as it potentially would have been. That’s not to say that it won’t be successful still, but it has a better chance releasing during the holiday season and as being the key flagship Kinect title Xbox One needs on day one. And dare I state the obvious here, but a less selling game from Rare is certainly not in favor for the company as a whole. It’s dire for Rare to continue with the run of success they’ve had with the previous two Kinect Sports titles, so let’s hope that this delay doesn’t negatively affect them too bad (if at all).

Whether you’re a fan of Rare and Kinect and Kinect Sports or don’t care for either of them, I hope this article has at the very least shown how important each of them were to Xbox One’s launch. Microsoft needed Rare to deliver Kinect Sports Rivals in November, but certain circumstances has prevented that from become a reality. Fingers crossed that the entire success of Rivals didn’t rely on being ready later this year and that Microsoft can manage without their flagship Kinect title.