EXCLUSIVE: Wizpig Wednesday- Would Wizpig Have Returned in Donkey Kong Racing?

Remember Donkey Kong Racing? It was in development for the Nintendo Gamecube but was unfortunately cancelled after Microsoft acquired Rare. Here’s a trailer of the game below…

If you take notice in the trailer, you’ll see a variety of different characters that were going to appear in the game including Diddy Kong, Tiny Kong, Kiddy Kong and, most importantly, Taj. Taj is the most important of the characters because he (aside from the title of the game itself) seems to indicate that it would have been a direct sequel to Diddy Kong Racing. It also means that Wizpig could have returned as the game’s primary antagonist as well.

At the end of Diddy Kong Racing’s Adventure Two mode, Wizpig is sent blasting off to and crashing upon a distant planet. That is not the end, however. Once the credits roll, Wizpig’s spaceship can be seen flying, his maniacal laughter can be heard and the words ‘To Be Continued’ embedded at the bottom of the screen. That clearly states that the days of Wizpig’s tyranny would one day return and Donkey Kong Racing would have likely been it.

Wizpig Wednesday

Hypothetically speaking, if Donkey Kong Racing’s development had continued to completion, would you have wanted Wizpig to be the antagonist once again? For me it would have been a welcome return as I loved the character personally, especially how challenging he was. What do you all think? Wizpig again or a different villain altogether?