June 2016 RFDB Poll: What’s Your Favorite Rare Donkey Kong Game?

June 2016 RFDB Poll: What’s Your Favorite Rare Donkey Kong Game?

June is here and it’s a big month in the world of video games with E3 just around the corner. We’ll hopefully have more to discuss on that in the future, so in the mean time, let’s focus on this month’s poll.

In the early-to-late 90s, Rare developed quite a few games featuring Nintendo’s iconic Donkey Kong character. Six sidescrolling platformers, one in 3D, and one a racer. So what I want to to know is which of those eight DK games was your favorite? Your options are available in the poll in the sidebar to the right, so think about your ideal choice and place your vote!

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One thought on “June 2016 RFDB Poll: What’s Your Favorite Rare Donkey Kong Game?

  1. Rams

    Personally donkey kong country is the best game on this list, the first one is superior to donkey kong country 2 and maybe donkey kong country 1 is better than donkey kong country 3 as I felt that game was inferior to dkc1 as well. Dk64 was pretty good also, but diddy kong racing should take the cake if this was a racing poll as diddy kong racing would be the best game on this poll then, actually it is. Another thing though is that I hate how dumb the community gets sometimes, especially trying to compare retro’s dkc games to rares dkc games, rare destroys retro’s games , and utterly puts them to shame as rare dkc is superior to retro awful games, as the rare games have superior level design way superior level design to retro games, and rare as a whole is a superior game company to retro games, as retro games are so stupid and inferior to rare that all they can do is try to emulate rare’s success, but fail in the end, dkc returns is the worst game in the series, and doneky kong tropical freeze, well the only good things about that game is the fact david wise is in it, the only reason for anyone to play it, as it makes dkc returns obsolete, that awful game returns, what with its horrible villans, I wish the kremlings were back, as they are so much better than tiki tak and the power of juju tribe. Snowmads are a step in the right direction, but krool is to dk what bowser is to mario, you really need him to be the archnemsis and the main villain. The community I was referring has so many retarded people in fact, one of them complained about banjo kazooie music, which is good and better then whatever that dumbass liked, honestly the stupidity of those people were absurd and the rest of the net as well. Anyways, dkc has superior level design, better music, superior Evironoments, superior graphics, and most important superior gameplay to donkey kong country 2 , dkc3 , doneky kong country’s returns, donkey kong country tropical freeze, all of the mario vs donkey kong games, and etc, and the listing goes like this dkc1>dkc2>dkc3>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>etc
    Dkc is better than >>>>>>>>>> all of thoses shitty mario vs donkey kong games
    Dkc>>>>>>>>>>>>>>dkcr and dkc tf>dkcr
    Dk64 goes after dkc>dk64>dkc2>dkc3
    Another poll I saw on the internet had this results however
    Diddy kong racing 400 votes
    Donkey kong country 300 votes
    Donkey kong country 2 0 votes
    Donkey kong country 3 0 votes
    Dk64 200 votes
    Dkcr 0 votes
    Dkctf 0 votes
    Donkey kong land 0 votes
    Donkey kong land 2 0 votes
    Donkey kong land 3 0 votes
    Also banjo kazooie > anything retro has ever made, metroid prime sucks ass especially to other games(like halo)
    Conker > anything retro has ever made
    Diddy kong racing destroys all of retro games
    Donkey kong country > Anything retro has ever made
    Goldeneye litterally inspired metroid prime, as they have similar controls(guess metroid prime didn’t get the halo wake up control call) and goldeneye and perfect dark still whoop metroid prime series and retro ass and destroys them and their inferior games.
    Also in donkey kong country polls dkc had 300 votes dkc2 1 votes dkc3 16 votes
    Also dkc music is waaaaaaaaaaaaay better than dkl music voices of the temple snes is better than dkl voices of the temple as it litterally makes no sense, the original was supposed to sound ominous and mysterious the land version was inferior as it didn’t do this also the dkc cave dweller concert was 10000000000000x times better than the donkey kong land cave dweller concert as it is superior to the land music, dkc temple music 100000000000000000000x times is better than dkl tempo music enough said, also those retards wouldn’t think otherwise better shut the fuck up for going full retard, anyways dkc is superior to dkl and more, but halo is still waaaayy better than dkc ,skyrim, cod, and all the old games in the past combined.
    Rare is better than retro studios and their inferior games and rare rapes retro hard in the ass.
    After seeing some community like this . Honestly the internet is full of retarded fools, who are pretty much braindead dumbasses, and who should also stay away from a keyboard.

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