Kinect Sports Rivals Divides Players Into Teams

Browsing through the official Kinect Sports Rivals Xbox One Page led to an interesting revelation on one of the game’s newest features: the ability to join a team. There are three different teams listed: Wolf Clan, Viper Network, and Eagle Legion. Here’s some brief information provided for each team…

Teams add a whole new layer. They bind the community and bring life to the competition. When you step into an event, you’ll be able to surround yourself with people that play the way you want to play. The rebellious and raucous align themselves with Clan Wolf, while the proud and honorable find comrades in Eagle Legion. And if you’re aggressive and ruthless, Viper Network is calling.

Without any further elaboration on what really differentiates the teams from one another, it’s hard to really determine what each team’s sole purpose really is. The description seems to indicate that it’s in relation to online play, so perhaps online matches aren’t handled via a “one-on-one” style matchup, but rather three teams competing against one another simultaneously? Just a guess. More info to come once it becomes available.