Meet The Kinect Sports Rivals Cast: Chipo Chung (Eve)

Here is a portion of Rare’s interview with actress Chipo Chung, who portrays Kinect Sports Rivals’ Eve character. Read the full interview at Rare’s website.

Rare: Can you give us some background on yourself and how you got into videogame acting?

Chipo Chung: The game I’ve spent the most time playing has been Pac-Man, the old-school arcade version, but on my computer. My record was thirteen hours straight, and I was stark raving bonkers by the end of it. Working on CG is obviously a total different level. And I’m psyched about it, coz post-Lord of the Rings and Avatar, it may be the way acting goes in the future, so I’m excited to be in the first wave of actors learning the technology.

Rare: Was this your first experience of performance capture? If so, how was it? If not, are you worried that you’re starting to like the suit?

CC: My first experience was a workshop with Andy Serkis, who obviously is the hero of the form. The CG figures weren’t fully functional, and he was making us create physically extreme characters. I got very confused and my character looked pretty silly. This time round, I loved it and understood it better. I was boogying and dancing throughout the shoot, coz I liked to see how my CG character moved. I liked shaking my booty.

And yes, I am worried I’m going to start liking the suit. I would love to do more facial capture, because that’s what compelled me about Gollum – seeing the human soul behind the animation.