Microsoft Updates Banjo-Threeie Domain

Okay…stay calm. It’s an incredibly hypocritical statement for me to make however as I’m having a hard time doing so myself! As it turns out, Microsoft apparently updated the domain back in January. Here’s some proof of Microsoft’s update in the provided image below…


It’s hard not to get excited isn’t it? But keep some things in mind here… it doesn’t entirely mean that a new Banjo game is being worked on, but it certainly doesn’t mean that one isn’t either! The fact though that Microsoft has updated the site is a pretty good sign that Banjo-Kazooie could be Rare’s big game set to be revealed on Monday at Micrsoft’s E3 Media Briefing! The truth will be revealed in just a few days time and I’ll be there to provide updates directly from the event via Twitter and with updates here at RFDB to follow afterwards. Stay tuned!

Source: Neogaf