Phil Spencer Suggests Rare Make An “Iconic Rare Game”

In a recent interview with The Inner Circle, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer spoke a bit about Rare when asked what was currently going on at the famous developer’s studio. Phil admitted that he didn’t know what game they were currently developing, but that he suggested to them that they go and make an “iconic Rare game”. It was just a pitch he made to the company, but when you’re the head of Xbox, it would be crazy to not take you up on your offer would it not? It may be some time before we see their next title, but a return to a classic franchise such as Banjo-Kazooie is definitely plausible.

So if Rare were to return to a previous title in their catalog, what do you think it should be? Or it’s yet another new IP, would type of game are you hoping for? Share your opinon(s) in the comments below!