Rare Guest Stars In Worms W.M.D

Team17 announced the Worms W.M.D. All-Stars pack today. Included in this pack is exclusive Rare content including Joanna Dark and masks from Blast Corps, Jet Force Gemini, Jetpac, Killer Instinct and Battletoads! These will only be in the Xbox One version of the All-Stars pack for Worms W.M.D. This crossover allowing players to embody their favorite Rare characters is really exciting for fans.

This isn’t first time Rare characters have been found in another game this generation either. The Battletoads appearance in Shovel Knight was another great Rare cameo.

If you are familiar with Worms, Joanna Dark can be used as a weapon and the masks will be on the playable worms. You can watch the announcement trailer below!