Rare’s Xbox 360 Games Are Fairly Cheap Digitally

So I was browsing through the ‘Games on Demand’ section via the Xbox 360 to check the pricing on each of Rare’s digital offerings and I was surprised to find that the majority of them are actually pretty cheap! A list of them along with their prices below, as well as a link that will send you directly to their online pages. You know, in case you’d like to purchase one (or several!)…

Perfect Dark Zero– $14.99
Kameo: Elements of Power– $14.99
Viva Pinata– $14.99
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise– $14.99
Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts ‘N’ Bolts– $14.99
Kinect Sports– $19.99
Kinect Sports: Season Two– $29.99

As you can clearly notice, that’s just for their full-fledged Xbox 360 titles, not Xbox LIVE Arcade games. In my opinion, I believe those are all fair prices for some really excellent games. For just a little over a hundred bucks and you’ll have Rare’s entire current Xbox 360 lineup! Not bad, huh?