Rash From Battletoads Available In Killer Instinct Now For A Limited Time

Killer Instinct Rash

Killer Instinct has received its first guest character today in the form of Rash, the sunglasses wearing battletoad from Rare’s hit Battletoads franchise. Available today at 9:30am PST for anyone who has ever purchased any piece of Killer Instinct content or Rare Replay, you can play and test Rash until September 8th. Here’s a list of his current moves available…

Battlemaniac Beat ‘Em Up Combos
Rash can automatically perform combos by mashing Light Punch or Light Kick. He even automatically recaptures the opponent if they are airborne! How cool is that?!

Rash Bash – Back + HP
Rash bashes opponent with an overhead attack, leaving them with a severe headache!

RUN! – > > (Hold)
Rash is always ready for a fight and runs towards his enemies.

Wicked Tongue – All 3 Punch Buttons or LB on the Xbox One controller
Rash can zipline in any direction when his tongue makes contact with a wall or opponent. Wicked Tongue can also be used to eat most projectiles and gain Shadow Meter. Om nom nom nom!

Big Bad Boot – QCF + Any Kick
Rash kicks the opponent in the face with a spiked big boot. Respect the Boot!

Wrecking Ball – QCB + Any Kick
Rash morphs into a wrecking ball and swings across the stage. Causes a wall splat against grounded opponents, and a hard knockdown when the opponent is airborne. Has 1 point of armor because he’s one tough dude!

Battering Ram – QCF + Any Punch
Rash sprouts ram horns and charges towards his opponent.

Turbo Tunnel (Activate Instinct Mode with HP + HK)
Summons a Speeder Bike from out of nowhere! Damages the opponent on impact. Wreck your Speederbike? No problem! Rash can summon another one by pressing HP+HK again while in Instinct.

Rash’s current look and moves aren’t necessarily final as this is, again, a beta test for everyone to participate in ahead of his Season 3 release in 2016.

So as mentioned before, if you have purchased any KI content or Rare Replay, you can head out enjoy Rash now for the next month. Have fun!

Source: Ultra-Combo