RUMOR: A Few Xbox 720 Launch Titles, New Island Based Game From Rare?

The Verge this morning is reporting some potential launch titles for Microsoft’s successor to the Xbox 360. They’re claiming that the launch titles will include Ryse, a zombie game and a brand new Forza.

There will also be a family friendly game that could certainly be being developed by Rare. It takes place on an island and will have ‘Pixar-quality graphics (think Toy Story)’ and will allow the player to scan a body into the game via Kinect to create a virtual representation of who (or what) was scanned. No further details were given.

Let’s just assume that the latter game is real and that Rare is indeed the developer. Despite the lack of any true details on the game, do you feel intrigued in any way? I certainly do. And given its setting, could this potentially be a return to Piñata Island? Or could we, at the very least, see Piñata cameos? We should see soon enough as the Xbox 720 is rumored to be officially unveiled at an even on May 21st! I for one cannot wait!