Sea of Thieves Concept Art Speculation

So with the amazing Rare Revealed video released yesterday came some brand new Sea of Thieves concept art. Two pieces to be specific that are each very interesting. Of course being a Rare fan means it is time to speculate and day dream about everything the concept art could reveal!

In this first piece we appear to be sitting in on what looks to be an initiation into a pirate crew. The name of the crew is “Crew of the Mermaid’s Demise”.

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 10.34.40 AM

Since the game was revealed lots of people have been talking about hopes of some kind of crew or clan system in the game. My first thoughts on the contract document in the concept art were would crews be a permanent decision or based on the included word “contract” less of a permanent choice.

If we go down the permanent route the first thing that pops into my head is Kinect Sports Rivals. Kinect Sports Rivals featured a global team system that would allow the player to pick one of three teams to join and from that point on all the points and progress the player achieved would go towards furthering this team. Before you picked the team you got to play a few missions for each of them to better understand what the team was about. For instance the team Eagle Legion was about being honorable, the Wolf Clan was a loud and loyal group while the Viper Network are a more ruthless bunch of individuals.

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 12.16.33 AM

So this kind of defined team feature in Kinect Sports Rivals could definitely be applicable to Sea of Thieves. The game could have some set and defined crews for players to align with. This could be really neat if the crews were as fleshed out as the teams from Kinect Sports Rivals and the player felt like they really belonged to a crew that defines them and how they would play. Gameplay wise perhaps a player would want to join a honorable crew if this player enjoyed helping others in need and wasn’t one for backstabbing. Then there could also be a crew for players who enjoyed being a little more conniving. You know the person who would get a kick out of stealing, backstabbing and general pirate tomfoolery. Also having Rare write and create these crews would give the players plenty of witty and fun writing to enjoy.

Now of course the crews in Sea of Thieves could be user generated like clans in Halo and Destiny. This would be great in Sea of Thieves as well. A player could always have a tight community to play with and complete goals with while climbing the leaderboards.

If crews are not such a permeant decision maybe these contracts are not about joining up with fellow pirates but just taking jobs from them. A crew in Sea of Thieves could be a bunch of NPCs that hand out quests or activities to complete in the game world. This again would allow for Rare to create memorable characters with plenty of memorable interactions.

All this of course has no backing to it and is just speculation. It is just fun to think about what that contract document in the concept art could be if anything other than just art.

Moving on from the crews but staying with the first piece of art, it is interesting to see all the previous concept art items sitting on the table. We have the sword, the candle, the eyeglass, the pistol, the compass, the violin and the lantern. I believe the only item we haven’t seen yet are the dice. Perhaps there are a few dice games we can play with other players in some kind of pirate safe haven. Red Dead Redeption had plenty of card and dice games to play with others in the open western world Rockstar had developed. It could definiltey be a possibility. Rare has been known to include games within their games such as Hero Klungo Sssavesss Teh World which was a game in Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts and then the Donkey Kong Arcade game in Donkey Kong 64.


One of the last things I will take note of in this first piece of art is the wide variety of player customization. We see different tattoos, hats, facial hair, gloves and eye makeup. It looks like Rare is really going to let us go wild when trying to represent the pirate we want to be.

Now the second piece of concept art that was released in the Dream video feature is this one of a few pirates who look to have narrowly escaped the clutches of the mighty Kraken.

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 10.35.20 AM

This will be the third Kraken reference that I am aware of. There is the Kraken seen in the background art on the Sea of Thieves website, the Kraken in the reveal video painted on a rock and then this art right here. We don’t know anything about the gameplay structure and how a player would run into a Kraken if there is a Kraken in the game. It could be a story given mission, a public event or some kind of multiplayer mode. No matter how if there is a Kraken in the game I would imagine it being very fun to fight or run away from.

That is about all the theories I can squeeze out of these two pieces of concept art. If these pieces of art inspired any other ideas in you let us know in the comments below!