The Killer Instinct Central Forums

Hello everyone! As you may already be aware, a new website was recently launched by yours truly called Killer Instinct Central! If you have visited it, then I sincerely hope you been enjoying the website and the content that is being provided. The exclusive music suite, the full run down on the characters from the older games and the upcoming Xbox One game, the story, and everything else. With so much information on the Killer Instinct franchise in general, there are plenty of things worthy of discussing. And guess what? We’ve built a place specially for that.

The Killer Instinct Central Forums is the place to go converse about anything regarding the KI series and would absolutely be honored to have you join and participate in the discussions. I’m sure there’s plenty of things you’d like to talk to about, and I and the other members want hear what you have to say! And since Killer Instinct is, after all, a Rare property, there is a place provided to specifically converse about Rare! So I welcome you with open arms and are looking forward to seeing you at the forums!