Tim Stamper’s Develop Awards 2015 Acceptance Speech

On July 15th, Tim and Chris Stamper were awarded the 2015 Develop Awards for their astounding achievements throughout their 30+ years of game development. Tim Stamper took the stage to accept the award on both he and his brother’s behalf and gave a touching and very unique acceptance speech. One individual at the awards show recorded it for all to see, but take into account that the quality of the video isn’t all that great. Here’s the video of Tim accepting the awards…

I do want to take a moment as well and personally thank both Tim and Chris for everything they’ve done for this industry. If not for their passion for games and game development and their brilliant and talented minds, there wouldn’t be a Rare today and this website wouldn’t exist either! And come next month, we get to celebrate their heritage with 30 games they had a hand in creating when Rare Replay releases on August 4th!

Thank you both again for all of you’ve done and I wish you the best of luck on all of your current and future projects at Fortune Fish LTD.!