EXCLUSIVE: Fulgore Friday- The Death of Cinder

Have you ever wondered why Cinder wasn’t included in Killer Instinct 2/Killer Instinct Gold? If you are or were a die hard Killer Instinct fan then that question has probably arisen more than once. Truth is, I believe he was non-existent because he was just to damn easy to use. Cinder was the equivalent of Street Fighter’s Ryu and Ken that the majority of people typically turned to as he was the easiest playable character. That doesn’t necessarily mean that there wasn’t any skill required to properly utilize his moveset in a professional manner, but put him up against another player who has mastered, say, Spinal or Fulgore and the Cinder player will be in a heap of trouble.

It’s my belief that Rare wanted future Killer Instinct titles to be a bit more complex than what it originally was. They wanted players to have to learn their character and be able to professionaly play perhaps on the same level as their opponents. Players consinstently spamming Cinder because of his easily enabled moves wouldn’t aid in their goal at all. So what was the best thing to do? Remove him from the game completely. Arguabley, they could have just changed the way he played, but that could have led to a potential backlash from returning players because he wasn’t the same as he was before.

This is all just a matter of opinion. Rare could have just removed Cinder because they were sick of looking at him for all I know. Regardless of the reason, I believe Rare made the right decision and Killer Instinct 2/Killer Instinct Gold was a better game for it. What do you think?