EXCLUSIVE: What Do You Want From A New Killer Instinct?

A couple of days ago, Microsoft all but confirmed that Killer Instinct is coming back, and given the source of the announcement it will most likely be an Xbox LIVE Arcade version of the game. One of the key questions remains, however: will it be a brand new title or will it be another high definition remake?

I myself would love to see an HD remake from either Rare themselves or 4JStudios. The remake should consist of both Killer Instinct and Killer Instinct 2 combining all of the characters, stages, and endings into one massive game that includes both local and online play. The games are, in my opinion, somewhat unbalanced so I think a bit of fine tuning on that part would make the overall experience better. Of course, I would love to see some additional content added as well. New characters? New stages? New modes of play?

Now is the time for you to share your thoughts on the matter and tell us what you’re hoping for with the inevitable return of the long awaited Killer Instinct. Do you want the same things I want above? Do you expect more? Would you be satisfied with just a straight port of either game? Share your thoughts below in the comments on what your expectations are for an XBLA version of Killer Instinct!