Kinect Sports: Season Two Now Available for Games-On-Demand

If you prefer digital over physical or are an avid Rare collector like myself and must have both, then you’ll be pleased to know that Kinect Sports: Season Two can now be purchased directly from your Xbox 360. You can now enjoy your favorite matches of Zombie Darts, Golf, Skiing and more without ever having to hunt down that pesky out-of-place disc to play. Just boot up your Xbox, navigate to your games section and voila! Kinect Sports is ready to go!

The download price for Kinect Sports: Season Two currently runs at $29.99, which is the exact same pricing at retail. Of course, you could wait until September 18th and purchase the Kinect Sports: Ultimate Collection at retail, which will sell for $49.99 and includes not only both Kinect Sports titles, but all of their subsequent DLC as well. It’s a better bargain if you don’t own either game… which you should. So go on then! Kinect Sports is waiting for your purchase or download or pre-order… whatever!