A 2007 IGN Interview With Ken Lobb

So I’m just sitting here thinking when for whatever reason, Ken Lobb and this interview that IGN conducted with him came to mind. If you don’t know who Ken Lobb is, then know that he was the former creative design lead at Nintendo of America and currently holds that same position at Microsoft. The ‘Klobb’ weapon was named after him in Goldeneye 007 and he’s also the man responsible for Killer Instinct becoming a reality. So yeah… He’s a very important figure in the gaming industry.

Now that you know a bit about him, I highly recommend watching the aforementioned interview for yourselves. You’ll learn quite a bit of history about and, of course, the Stamper Brothers and Rare. The three part interview has been posted below for convenience, so watch it and enjoy it! I promise that you’ll find it very interesting!

Part One

Part 2

Part 3