Double Dragon Neon Has Released! Can We Expect the Battletoads DLC?

Double Dragon Neon finally released for the Xbox LIVE Arcade on Wednesday. It’s not a remake but is actually a brand new entry in the series and plays just like you’d remember, with a few changes here and there of course. Now if you’ll remember, a few months ago Sean Velasco of Wayforward–the developers of Double Dragon Neon–claimed that he believes that the Battletoads could be included as DLC if enough people hassled Microsoft and Rare about it. It wouldn’t be the first time that we see the Battletoads together with Jimmy and Billy, as they shared a few titles together for the SNES, Game Boy and Sega Genesis. So if you want to see it happen, it’s still not to late! Start firing off some e-mails to Rare at: proclaiming your desire for them to be in the game and who knows? We may actually see it happen!