EXCLUSIVE: Fresh Details From The Developers Of Killer Instinct For Xbox One

EXCLUSIVE: Fresh Details From The Developers Of Killer Instinct For Xbox One

The first day of E3 2013 has come to a close and I had plenty of hands-on time with the new Killer Instinct. My hands-on impressions for that will be coming later tonight, but right now I want to share some juicy new info with you on the game. I had the opportunity to speak with several of the developers from Double Helix Games and they hardly shied away from any questions I had for them. Here are the most important things that you need to know (both good and bad)…

  • Development began on Xbox One. It was never in development for Xbox 360 as many seem to believe.
  • The demo at E3 was put together within five weeks time.
  • The game will be ready in time for Xbox One’s launch.
  • It is indeed “free-to-play”, but there will be different packages available to purchase.
  • No Mercy’s and Ultimate Combo’s are currently not planned for the game as the developers believe “they aren’t necessary”. This can change, however, if the fan community pushes for them to be included. This would mostly likely happen as patch later on, however.
  • Aside from Jago, Sabrewulf and Glacius, returning characters will currently include Fulgore, Spinal and Cinder. They promise to have Cinder more balanced than he was in the original Killer Instinct. There will also be brand new characters designed for the game.
  • They want to include more female characters considering there are so many male characters in the original games.
  • The game is a blend of both the original Killer Instinct and Killer Instinct 2/Gold.
  • The developers are working very closely with Rare and Ken Lobb on the project. They are also getting feedback from professionals in the gaming fighting scene.
  • The E3 Demo alone is over two million lines of code.
  • It’s possible to enter an Ultra Combo, exit it, and then re-enter it again for a very powerful Ultra Combo. The developers say they’ve yet to see anyone pull it off.
  • The environments in the game are fully destructible. As combos are continually done, the level falls apart. If the match is finished with an Ultra Combo, then the entire arena will “explode”.
  • The voices in the game are being recorded by professional actors.
  • The combo system is a bit more “streamlined” so that anyone will be able to pull off big combos.

So there you are! I’ll be playing plenty more tomorrow and Thursday, so I’ll be sure and update this post should I get any more info from the developers. Be sure and leave some feedback in the comments for me to share with them!

UPDATE: So there seems to be doubts regarding the legitimacy of this article. To clear things up, I spoke directly with developers from Double Helix during my time at E3 and simply reported what I was told. Now bear in mind that this is still an in-development game and things change, regardless of whether we want them to or not.

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51 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Fresh Details From The Developers Of Killer Instinct For Xbox One

  1. Ryan

    They should have finishers on there.

    1. True, because there were finishers on the original. Fulgore had two (Lasers, he shot from the eyes and Machine Guns when he pulled his head apart). Give them the finishers and add a little more if they want. I am just excited to know its going to be out for play. I have been waiting years for this to come out, and now its finally here. Please do not screw this up and let Microsoft make the developers think to much into it.

      1. Ontario

        Not just combos we need no mercy’s for a classic feel

  2. Goomba

    There should be finishers, but probably not as lethal as the ones in mortal kombat

  3. No finishing moves? Wow, they just completely killed any interest I had for this game. :(

  4. Jose

    finishing moves……we need.

  5. Weak Sauce.

    No Orchid? No TJ.combo? No Chief Thunder? No finishing moves? FAIL!! This game was about the only reason I would consider getting an X1. PS4 it is then…

  6. Nevercry

    i m fan of killer instinct and it is obligation to keep ultra combo for this game.

  7. low

    I absolutely agree with everyone else. Please tell the developers fans want finishing moves and yes make them more bloody then mortal kombat. Ultra combos need to be at least 100 hits min and not difficult to pull off. Stages even need to have fatalities to them. Do this and it might be the fighting game of the decade!!

    1. I absolutely agree with you. I don’t think they realize the Magnitude of a fan base they have with Killer Instinct. If they let others dictate away from what has made this game so popular; regardless of what others may think of it. They will FAIL at something that needs no introduction. Killer Instinct would be the game of the Decade if they would leave those things in and add the additional females.

  8. Blaze Blue

    Oh shut the hell up. You know damn well you wasn’t getting the damn game. Stop showing off your fanboyisum

  9. Blaze Blue

    That message is to FDMK

  10. David Overall

    you mean moves like the supermoves on injustice.

  11. Please describe all the points mentioned below!!

    The game looks amazing, but lacks the “spirit” of Killer Instinct, to differentiate themselves from other fighting games … so far looks like a game of “Street Fighters”, and that’s not good to keep the essence, some very important points to recover this spirit:

    # A dark voice announcer, the current voice of sports game seems.
    # Blood, lots of blood, it is strange that being a bloody game, not seen on the stage.
    # Ultras 250 Hits.
    # You miss the “Victory Cinemas” when the player wins, they can look amazing in the game!
    # Players are very important as B. Orchid, Fulgore, Maya, Cinder …
    # Tall buildings, skyscrapers Ultratech, to throw the opponent to the vacuum!!
    # 2 or 3 “No Mercy”, “Ultimate Combo” of each character and display “Danger”.
    # Cameras zoom, is what made it great to Killer Instinct, and that he felt the adrenaline when you raise your opponent, a departure or approach of the camera when the characters are separated or close, thus missing high rise movements to the characters and top it with time “aerial movements extras”
    # Wake of shadows visible to super moves, Linkers and Ultra Combos.
    # Music of Killer Instinct is almost the essence of the game, keeping the player’s attention, please, keep the line of genres, Rock, Metal Riff, Vocal Trance Techno and Electro.

    Please I and many friends thought that a new Killer Instinct with all these ingredients, will be a memorable title, like its previous titles, do not disappoint us. Thank you. A lifelong fans.

    1. I cannot say anything more, You hit that one on the head. We will see if they will listen to the people who will be putting the money in there pocket, and possible making it the game of the year.

  12. Totally agree with Fabián.

    Game looks great but for me this is not Killer Instinct. It has no the heart and soul of the old KI. It’s just another fighting game :(

    A reboot of KI should always be a tribute to the original cause KI has it’s own unique identity so imo it’s really stupid to copy stuff from other games………

  13. Damn totally forgot to say something about the Cel-Shading comic style.

    I really dislike it, it might work for SF4 but for KI we need a way more realistic look cause KI characters were pre-rendered so comic style doesn’t do it for me sorry :(

    1. SupremeBender

      I somewhat agree with KIG. I like the art style, don’t get me wrong. But KI was always dark, industrial, shiny and metallic, not “sketchbook” to screen. I’ll be curious to see how Cinder looks in this style.

  14. IVanSpinal

    we need to
    Chief Thunder, Tusk, Orchid & Combo
    More Blood
    Finishers, Ultimates & Humilliations
    Original Costumes DLC
    Slow Motion Combos like KI1 (This is Easy)
    Im happy with the progress but we need this things please

  15. Captain4

    Come on guys, we must bring back finishers in KI3.

  16. So far, the problem seems they are backwards. Every remake should be everything that’s in the original and the some. It feels rushed and a last minute grab at the game without really asking fans what they remember. Ask a mortal kombat fan what they remember and they’d sAy fatalities. Ask a KI fan and they’d say mixing a combo into a finisher ( not ultra ) and having their friend ask how they did it.

    1. Although, as someone who had KI on snes given to them for their 10th birthday and pushed mK 2 aside, I hope it turns out well!

  17. Goomba

    @KIG666 I understand your first comment but didn’t the original KI ‘copy stuff from other games’? SF…MK…? I really think this new character design etc is a fresh new experience and it will enable KI to compete with other fighters out there. btw I am a fan of your KI videos on youtube.
    With that said they should bring back the insanely good music, creative combos, finishers and story that made the original such an outstanding game.

  18. Killer Jago

    just put every character from the first and second game and add more new characters, also don’t put that stupid backround/sound when ever there is a ultra combo

  19. Ryan

    make it faster attack moves and gameplay like the first one and just add a little more health
    more blood and gore
    and i completely agree with: IVanSpinal
    (we need to
    Chief Thunder, Tusk, Orchid & Combo
    More Blood
    Finishers, Ultimates & Humilliations
    Original Costumes DLC
    Slow Motion Combos like KI1 (This is Easy)
    Im happy with the progress but we need this things please)

  20. TheFull00

    You guy’s are seriously complaining that there are no finisher’s/ultimate’s? People this is KILLER INSTINCT not MORTAL KOMBAT! Yes, they were in the originals, but they weren’t necessary. So i agree with them.

    And you want MORE blood AND gore? Wow, you guy’s want to turn it into Mortal Kombat. Brilliant.

    1. IVanSpinal

      just Blood in the floor and characters

      1. TheFull00

        That would be fine.

    2. low

      The Full00 are u a developer or fan?????? Because I can’t see a fan saying something like that. Keep it real. I don’t want a mortal kombat either but killer instinct needs to stay true too its root!!! U should know this already with that stupid ass comment u made!! Forgive my temper but I love killer instinct to much to have this game fucked up!

      1. TheFull00

        How was my comment stupid? Care to explain?

    3. KillerInstinct_FTW

      You can NEVER compare MK til KI! Killer Instinct has to have No Mercy moves because it’s KILLER Instinct, so you have to kill you opponent to humiliate them! Perhaps they weren’t necessary, but they gave the original game it’s flair and coolness! It was an essential part of the game, so it wouldn’t be wise to remove it!
      The Combos are still there so why not the No Mercy moves??
      The blood doesn’t need to be flowing like in MK, but at bit of splatter when Sabrewulf slahes with his razor sharps claws would be niiiice!
      The No Mercy moves will have to have som blood to it according to the specific characters personality, fx. Sabrewulf’s original Claw Stab leaving his victim bleeding out..

      Come on dude! Know your KI, and don’t take others down for their love of the original game and a hope to bring a new game into this world with the same spirit as the old ones.

      Love KI! In my oppinion the Cel Shading is ok, because everything looks realistic, just need the blood. With that said we have only seen two characters in action in 1 arena! The game could still go darker in other arenas and characters!

      To bad i have preordered a PS4 ’cause i REALLY REALLY would like to have his game! Only reason to buy an Xbox One! Hope that the game is only time-exclusive and will eventually come to the PS4 as well.

      To all TRUE Killer Instinct fans: KEEP IT REAL, and keep fighting for the Finishing moves all together, as well as stage kills.

      1. lilstunna83

        couldn’t of said it any better!!! bring back our beloved KI finishers.

  21. KI3

    All of these ideas are very good:

    1. Sixjac

      All the suggestions in this video should be implemented in the new game as they are great ideas, no one will get pissed off if this is done, especially the suggestions in the first 3/4 of the video.

  22. Anyone who is satisfied with a killer instinct that even involves removing parts of the original game ( arcade ) should probably check their age. Next generation usually means adding on, not taking away. So far it seems like watered down, rush it and get it out because MS is on our ass kinda game. If the game ends up with just ultras as a finishing move, then double helix is just blowing hot air up everyone’s asses about listening to the fans. If that’s the case, I’d rather have a KI arcade port with replaced sprites/ 3-d graphics.

    1. SupremeBender

      Totally agree! Go full-bore or go home. I’ve been waiting for a re-done original KI since KI2!

  23. Here’s everything I want

    10. Original costumes as alternates

    9. Hard-hitting sound effects

    8. Original announcer


    6. Brand new characters

    5. Ultimate combos/No Mercy moves

    4. Bring back ALL the characters, especially TJ Combo

    3. Rooftop stages with knock-off ability

    2. Make the girls look HOT & BEAUTIFUL (unlike the hideous manbeasts in MK9)

    1. New music by Robin Beanland!!!!!!!

    1. IVanSpinal

      Don’t forget the Slow Motion Combos

  24. lilstunna83

    can’t wait for the release date, this game is the only reason why i’m getting a xbox one ..please bring back cinder and tj combo my two favorite characters….last but certainly not least the fatalities & ultimate/no mercy endings is a must the game won’t feel like a true killer instinct sequel without them in it.

  25. EtherMagic

    Everything about what I have seen brings me back to my childhood when I was 13-14 yrs old. Only thing that is missing for me is that “Killer Instinct” music bumpin my eardrums while fighting! Especially Spinals background/level with the “Wizard of Oz… Ooooo, O, O eee O” killer music bumping!!!! One more thing, and its not a big deal.. Would LOVE for it to say “Ullltraaaa Cooomboo” instead of just “Ultra”! I understand where u guys were going with this, as “Ultra” by itself just sounds more brutal, but this is where us fans who been waiting for this game for over 17 yrs disagree!!! I just feel adding “Coommbooo” to the “Ultraaaaa” is just that much sicker in feeling and it just instills in the person who just got there ass kicked a deeper sense of “Asskicking”. It also makes the person who wins feel that much more of an ASSKICKER!!!!! DO THESE THINGS and mmany who have waited so long will be much happier with my Fav fighting game of all time! Can’t wait guys, thanks for all the hard work to make my childhood come back to life! :)

  26. FLS Flow

    Dear Killer Instinct , Microsoft, Rare and Double Helix
    It is with a heavy heart that i write this letter to you guys. First i would like to introduce myself as Fls Flow a Proud Killer instinct Big ego from Lagos Nigeria. As you know Nigeria is in Africa and i expect you guys to be shocked that people in Nigeria actually want you guys to succeed with Killer instinct for X-box one The greatest Fighting game of all time in our opinion.
    Now straight to the real reason of me writing this letter to you guys. First I would like to request that whatever yall do with the Killer instinct title, please get serious minded developers and people with genuine love for Killer Instinct to preserve the Pride of the killer instinct genre. Let me start with a bit of a spoiler. I never ever bought an X-box, you know why? i was secretly sad and mad at Microsoft for not releasing a Killer instinct title for 17 years! The old me hated you guys with so much passion even though i use your PC and your operating systems. The part of me that hated you, hated you for only one reason- Killer instinct ! Its shocking to see how a 17 year old hatred can disappear in just one day of the announcement of a new killer instinct title. I ask myself, is it possible for me to hate you guys just because of a computer game? Something unreal, something virtual? Surprisingly yes. I have watched Sf4 and MK9 make their Future debut, the SF and MK fans smile everyday. What happened to me the KI fan? i was constantly sad and consumed with so much disgust for Microsoft for not making killer instinct 3. Now straight to what i wanted to talk about. The Double Helix team and the Killer instinct game they are developing for November 2013 release. I would like to let you know that we will accept nothing but excellence for Killer instinct. Killer instinct for X-box one is the only single reason that will make me buy an X-box one..just like all my friends worldwide .Let me tell you what we expect to see in the new Killer Instinct for X-box One
    I expect to see all the following characters Jago, Sabrewulf, Glacius, Fulgore, Spinal, Orchid, Cinder, Thunder, Riptor, TJ Combo, Eyedol , Tusk , Maya, Kim-wu, Gargos No exceptions! infact all characters in KI1 and KI2 must all come back
    Also we expect you guys to include at least 15 new characters. Making a Total of 30 characters at least . We would appreciate if you could give us 50 characters in Total. This version should be futuristic and should bring forth new characters with completely new moves, storyline and fighting dynamics.

    FIRE- This should be the son of Cinder, a heat emitting creature just like cinder that should have various heat emitting moves. Can be invisible just like Cinder. You guys in Double Helix know exactly what to do
    SPHINX- Orchid’s daughter. She should be able to transform into the Tiger like Firecat that orchid does. Infact she should fight like a futuristic advanced version of orchid. You already get the picture guys.
    SHRINE – The daughter of Gargos and Eyedol’s marriage, she should wear big earrings like Eyedol and should be able to bring back lost life just like Eyedol. Let have have fireballs that would consume the entire screen. Am sure u get the picture of the character am trying to paint. Give her new moves. I leave the rest to Double Helix to develop
    EVIL- The Son of gargos. Should be extremely difficult and challenging to beat, can assume the character of whoever he is battling and execute never been done moves that should zap life. i leave the rest to Double Helix to develop
    METHUSA- Should look like a Methusella, Should be a boss in the game and should be extremely hard to beat..i leave the rest to Double Helix to develop
    CHAMELEON – A character that can morph into any other character and can execute their moves . You already get the picture am trying to paint.
    SNAKE- A character that should fight just like a snake or a serpent. Should spit venom as fireball. Should have a biting flying move like jago’s windkick that kicks off a combo. I leave the rest to Double Helix to develop
    ROBOTICS- Another robot looking character that entered into the tournament to challenge Fulgore for the supreme robot title. You already have an idea of what he should look and play like. i leave the rest to Double Helix to develop
    CYBORG- Another Robot sent by Ultratech to smoke Fulgore. Should be able to teleport and do 3 or even 5 fireballs at a time. Get creative with him guys
    Sabrewulf- i would like to see Sabrewulf retain his Bat Fireballs that he had in ki1, Bring back those bats and let people do fireballs with Sabrewulf, This bat is the essence of sabrewulf. Bring it back. Do not restrict him to a rush in fighter as shown in the demo like he was in KI2. Also let him retain his Stunner move in KI2 which he uses to daze opponents. Also give him the Bat throwing Ultimate finisher where he can send bats as an Ultimate move just like he had in KI2.
    RIPTOR- Ensure that all old characters that had fireballs retain their fireballs. This is a concrete legacy on which KI was built.

    Stages- Please for goodness sake, preserve the long bridge stages like orchid, spinal and thunder stage in ki1 that enabled people to do explosive Fireball battles. This is one of the reason why KI is a jewel. Fireball battles, I repeat Long stages for Fireball battles
    3D Stages-Please make sure all the stages can rotate in 3D just like we had in KI1 and KI2, remember we all use 3DTVs now, and we will like to take advantage of the 3D technology when playing Killer instinct on the Xbox one. In as much as the game is 2D, we still want the 3D rotation and dimension like we had in the arcades to be maintained
    Sky Stage- Bring back a 3D version of the sky stage. Make the stage more high tech. This is 2013 guys. Give us a Futuristic stage that should kick-ass.
    The dark fighting game music for KI must be retained, epic , Violin pumping wolf style orchestral music must be used. Do not use music that is below average. KI is too classic to be let down music wise.

    Voice Over/Announcer Vocals: The announcer should use a dark voice, a Gothic themed dark voice which made kI what it was today. Do not water down the announcements, ensure that Supreme victory vocals and Fight off vocals came back. Ensure that Character names are called when selected. Ensure that Combo is pronounced at the end of every combo, Triple combo, Beastly combo, Monster Combo, killer combo, instead of just beastly, awesome , monster as shown in the demo.
    After all is said and done, Two things will happen, people will love and respect Double helix for putting out a Classic or people will despise Double helix for Killing the Killer instinct legacy. I Implore you guys to listen to what people request for, do not look down on anyone’s suggestions, take peoples advice and requests seriously, if people are asking for Finishers , Ultimates and No mercy, Please include it . If people are requesting for more new characters pls give it to them . If people are requesting for Fireballs for their favourite Characters please give it to them. There is no need to be Lazy about anything. Anything worth doing is worth doing excellently.
    My dear friends in Double Helix, Rare and Microsoft, I want you guys to succeed, I want the Killer Instinct legacy to come back to life. No Title in the entire universe deserve the Top spot, It is the One and Only Killer instinct. Please do it right for the Legacy. Do it right for Nostalgia. Do it right for the guys that will play tournaments to win Millions of dollars, Do it for brothers who play against each other everyday. Do it for the unborn generation that will play Killer instinct decades later. Do it for a lifetime. Do it for Microsoft, Do it for Double Helix, Do it for Rare, Do it for Africa, Do it For Asia, Do it for Europe, Do it for the United States, Do it for the world, Do it for Gaming, Do it for Creativity, Do it for love, Do it for the Art, Do it for your Children, Do it for Yourself, Make it a Classic for all of us.
    If readers , fans or anyone would like to Contact me My email address is or holla at me on twitter @Flow__Show

    Thanks and I wish Microsoft, Rare and Double helix the Best of luck in November

  27. SupremeBender

    Humiliations, finishers, Ultimate combos, Eyedol, Chief Thunder, knock off arenas, original costumes, KILLER CUTS!! Make sure Spinal can still morph into the opponent during combos!

  28. KIAddict

    Bring ALL the characters back. Keep the ultimate and ultra combos. Keep the finishers. Nothing wrong with tweaking them but it needs to be in the game. New characters. Females hot. Original costume as alternate. Rooftop stages with knock off as finisher like previous games. Don’t lose the heart and soul of the game. It seems like you are just banking on loyal fans to buy the game because of the name. Make us happy. Keep it true yet refreshing. And for god sakes let ps3 players get in on this. I’m not buying XBoxOne for one game. Granted I’ve wanted a new Killer Instinct game ever since KI Gold but dude I’m not dropping 500 bucks just for the system, just for KI. I love the game lots, but not that much.

  29. frank flores

    please bring back T.J. Combo and all finishers(humiliations especially)…would like to see tag team tournament options

  30. stunna fe

    please bring back the ultimate, sky falls, humiliation and no mercy finishers…the return of the Killer instinct franchise is the only reason why I’m getting an Xbox One. i would hate to be disappointment waited this long and the game isn’t what the true KI fans expected it to be>>>>>>>>>

  31. Rog

    I think the game is being developed with tournament players in mind. If you haven’t notice. Ken Lobb has been hanging around players from the fighting game community and if Ken is getting the feedback from the fighting game community,it’s most likely “finishers” or any other fancy cinematic features will be excluded. Sad to say…

  32. Jimmie

    If there are no ultimates or no mercies, then that will not push me to buy an xbox one to get this game. Sorry but Killer Instinct is not KI without the famous finishers.

  33. Sixjac

    You guys better be putting Tusk in the game, Jago, Tusk & Fulgore are the only characters I care for. Jago’s knee pads, baggy pants and mask in the new character design are so gay by the way, did you have a chick do the concepts???

  34. T.J. Combo

    I hope they add T.J. Combo! Could you or have you asked if they were? Please?

  35. li hiroshi

    I hope there finishing moves too!!

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