EXCLUSIVE: Fulgore Friday- Donkey Kong 64’s Battle Arena

Donkey Kong 64 had a plethora of items to collect, with one such item being King K. Rool’s Golden Crowns. The Golden Crowns weren’t obtained by solving puzzles or defeating bosses or just finding them lying around, but rather in a showdown of survival. Within each of the game’s worlds was a metallic pad with K. Rool’s face emblazoned on that transported a Kong to the Battle Arena. These Battle Arena’s are timed match-ups where the goal is to survive for a set amount of time against a never ending onslaught of K. Rool’s minions. It starts off fairly simple with only Gnawty’s to deal with in the Jungle Japes Battle Arena and then gets progressively more difficult with a variety of tougher enemies and more time on the clock in the later worlds of the game. They’re intense and difficult but also fun and worth the challenge. Not to mention all of the crowns are required if you plan on fighting K. Rool and, you know, finishing the game. Food for thought.

The Battle Arena is also a selectable level in the multiplayer mode and is insanely fun, especially with four players. Give it a try some time, and remember to have bananas nearby to feed that little bit of ape in all of us. Or chimp or orangutang. You decide.