EXCLUSIVE: Highlights From The Conker’s Bad Fur Day Commentary: Parts 1-6

So that Conker’s Bad Fur Day commentary is out now. If you haven’t watched it yet, then what’s wrong with you?! Go watch it! Okay… So perhaps you haven’t had quite the time to view it as of yet. If for some reason that’s the case, then I have you covered until you can! I’ve taken the best highlights of the commentary and posted them for you below. And even of you have watched already, then read on anyway. Perhaps you’ll catch something you missed!

Part One: Chris Seavor, Chris Marlow, and Shawn Pile

  • The Nintendo 64 Expansion Pak was forced to ship with Donkey Kong 64 due to a game breaking bug. It cost Rare a fortune.
  • Didn’t have much space for saves. They were really difficult to implement.
  • Seavor believes part of the reason Rare games were so good at the time was due to competition between the different development teams at Rare.
  • Inspiration for Banjo-Kazooie came from what was originally being developed as Conker’s Twelve Tales 64.

Part Two: Chris Seavor, Chris Marlow, Shawn Pile

  • The logo’s font in the game is reminiscent of Killer Instinct. This is because Seavor designed the Killer Instinct logo.
  • Seavor was asked to change the original Killer Instinct logo because Tim Stamper believed it looked too much like Killer Insect.
  • In Twelve Tales, Berri was your “typical, run-of-the-mill girlfriend”.
  • Spent a significant amount of time on cutscenes.
  • The beginning level was actually one of the very last levels developed for the game.
  • Scarecrow Birdy (Beardy) was based off of an employee at Rare who, at the time, had a beard.
  • The idea for context sensitive buttons originated from Tim Stamper.

Part Three: Chris Seavor, Chris Marlow, Shawn Pile

  • There was only one Internet capable machine at Rare at the time of the game’s development. Employees had to book time with it but hardly anyone would use it.
  • Teams at Rare did not share software.
  • The audio for the cutscenes was done first.
  • The ideas for the game were considered “ridiculous”, but they made sense in the context of the game, thus they were deemed “logical”
  • Seavor: “You cannot plan gameplay. You get a notion of what it is you want it to do and then it’s 50% design, intuition and then it’s 50% the programmer sitting there “right, now how is this going to work….””.

Part Four: Chris Seavor and Robin Beanland

  • The band on the main menu is staying in time with the the theme playing.
  • A lot of extra little details were put into the game because the team wanted to see them and they figured the players would appreciate them as well.
  • The fire imp on the cheat menu will react differently if you input swear words.
  • The bee scene near the beginning of the game was actually designed by Tim Stamper before Chris was put in charge of the game. Seavor thought it kind of bland and it was the results of the changes he made that determined the rest of the game.
  • Rather than having a particular item be the player’s reward after completing a task (like a Star in Mario), the team thought the cutscene at the end should be the reward.
  • Robin managed to sync to midi-files together for the game to allow for 32 channels as opposed to the normal 16.
  • The game playing on Conker’s Game Boy is actually Killer Instinct.
  • Originally, Conker stole the ten dollars back from Scarecrow Birdy, having had a string attached to it. In the final version, the cash leaves of his own free will and returns to Conker.

Part Five: Chris Seavor and Robin Beanland

  • Originally Conker ran on all fours, but they decided it wasn’t right for the game.
  • After the portion of shooting the Dung Beetles via Conker’s slingshot, testers had a difficult time finding the next area to progress to. Ken Lobb suggested implementing something to direct people where to go. Chris obliged.
  • They had no idea what the duct tape was used for. They just thought it was a funny thing to say and went with it.
  • They claim that cartridges can actually do far more than discs, but they cost more to produce, this the reason for the changes in today’s medium.
  • In the Live & Reloaded version, there was going to be a new gate character named Bill, but Microsoft wouldn’t allow it.

Part Six: Chris Seavor and Robin Beanland

  • Pointed at that there are not pauses when the game loads. It’s all very “seamless”.
  • The Barn Boys task was the favorite of Tim Stamper.
  • Franky the Pitchfork is actually gay.
  • There was originally going to be to be ‘outtakes’ of scenes of the game following the game’s conclusion. They decided against it because Toy Story ended up doing it first.
  • Everything in Conker had an explanation for why it was there or how it worked.
  • Hardly any meetings during the duration of the game’s development. There wasn’t even a script.
  • In the cutscene with King Bee, he originally said “she’s got stamens like you wouldn’t believe”. They realized that stamen’s wasn’t the correct term and it was changed and re-recorded as ‘stigmas’.