EXCLUSIVE: The Stickerbrush Symphony Or Aquatic Ambiance?

They are arguably two of the greatest and most well-known songs to be composed at Rare. The Aquatic Ambience and Stickerbrush Symphony were written and composed by former Rare musician, David Wise, for Donkey Kong Country and Donkey Kong Country 2. Unlike the other songs in the games, these two were both peaceful in nature, capturing the mood of the levels in which they were featured and engulfing the player in feelings of upmost serenity. Two fantastic musical compositions for two fantastic games!

Now let’s think about something in regards to these two songs. What if, hypothetically speaking, Rare were to develop a new Donkey Kong Country 4 and only one of those two songs would be allowed? Would you opt for the Aquatic Ambience or Stickerbrush Symphony? I’ve posted both songs below for you, so have a listen to them and then tell us in the comments which one you would choose!

Aquatic Ambience

Stickerbrush Symphony