EXCLUSIVE: How Would You ‘Jump In’ to the Xbox 720?

The world is on an economic downturn. It has been for years, ever since the US economy went into recession in 2008. Europe has had its own financial crisis and Japan’s economy was put to the test when a massive tsunami hit the island killing nearly 20,000 people. It’s times like these when people are more reserved with their money and prefer to save more as opposed to spending their hard earned cash. So what does one do when the Xbox 720 launches at its rumored date of September-November 2013?

At the very least, you could expect the Xbox 720 to cost anywhere between $350-$500. That’s a lot of money for the average consumer. Thankfully, Microsoft has a solution already that is being utilized currently on the Xbox 360. For those that can’t afford the console or either don’t want to pay the 360’s current base price, they have an option to opt for a payment plan… at least in the US. For $99 and $14.99 per month for two years, you can take home an Xbox 360 with two years of Xbox LIVE. Of course, you’ll be paying a bit more in the long run thanks to interest, but it’s still a great and cheaper way to get started as opposed to dropping a butt load of money all at once. The problem though is that it’s not easily accessible.

In the beginning it was just the Microsoft Store that offered this option, but it has since expanded to other retailers such as GameStop and Best Buy. Unfortunately however, you can’t just walk in to the retailer and choose the payment plan. There are all of these little loops and such you have to go through before you go to the retailer if making payments on the console is the option you want to take. That isn’t very accessible at all. What should be very simple becomes a very complicated process.

Should Microsoft launch the Xbox 720 next year as rumors suggest, then they need to find a way to streamline the payment service and also expand it to other territories. With things potentially going to get worse for the world economies next year, it’s very important that Microsoft makes their payment plan as easily accessible as possible so that anyone can simply walk into their local retailer and take home an Xbox 720 right away without having to drop a butt load of money on the system if they so choose. The more options available, the wider the audience they will reach.

So should Microsoft make the payment options easily available to everyone next year, how would you ‘Jump In’ to the Xbox 720? Would you go for the payments or just purchase the system all at once and be done with it?