EXCLUSIVE: Swanky Saturday- When Pinvaders Attack

Kinect Sports has several different sports available to play such as Bowling, Track and Field, Boxing, and Table Tennis. A few of those sports offer more than just your traditional sporting experience by innovating in some fairly unique mini-game style games such Pinvaders.

Pinvaders is a bowling mini-game that is akin to the classic arcade game of Space Invaders that has the pins themselves steadily moving toward you. The goal of the game is to utilize the bowling balls in whatever way possible to stave off the invasion by knocking them over before they reach your ball throwing avatar. If only one pin makes it through, the game is over. It’s a very intense experience and one that will surely having you waving your arms around like a mad man to keep those pins at bay, especially if you want that crazy achievement. So if you’re not really into traditional bowling, Pinvaders may just change your tune of the sport. and allow you to find some joy in it.