EXCLUSIVE: Syrupent Sunday- So About That PiñataVision….

When Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise released in 2008, it was a vast improvement over its amazing predecessor a few years prior. There was more of an actual story, far less glitches, more Pinatas, new areas to explore and attract Pinatas, and so much more. There was also another brand new feature exclusive to Trouble in Paradise called PiñataVision.

PiñataVision was, at its core, a way to get Pinatas into your Garden without having to go through the normal process of meeting the requirements the game demands of you. This was done by using the Xbox LIVE Vision Camera and cards. If you happened to have some cards available (or you could print them out online) and the camera in your possession, then you could use the camera to “scan” the cards which would instantly place the Piñata into your Garden. It was a very innovative feature, but one that wasn’t without its issues.

For starters, the camera was sold separately for $20-$30. It should have been bundled with the game, which would have probably allowed the PiñataVision feature to catch on more and have potentially increased sales as well. The other issue was that it could be quite difficult to actual scan the Pinatas into the game. The lighting needed to be just right, the positioning of the camera and so forth. Those issues aside, though, and you had what was basically the precursor of today’s Skylanders, only far, far less successful.

It has been around 4 1/2 years since Trouble in Paradise was released and PiñataVision still continues to gamer support from fans. There are new “cards” being created and even a couple of iPhone apps that will allow you to view, create, and scan Pinatas and custom Pinatas into the game! So if you have the Xbox LIVE Vision Camera, there is no shortage of what you can scan into the game.

So have any of you ever had the opportunity to use PiñataVision? If so, what was your experience like? Share your comments below!