EXCLUSIVE: Thorn Thursday- Zinging Zingers

BZZZZZZZ! It’s an unmistakable sound in Rare’s Donkey Kong games that is synonymous with one particular creature: the Zinger. Now if you don’t know what a Zinger is, then clearly you’ve never played any of the Donkey Kong Country or Donkey Kong Land games–and probably not Donkey Kong 64 either. What wrong with you? Go! Play them! Now! If you can’t, then you’re somewhat forgiven as they’re not exactly on store shelves and can’t be downloaded anymore (legally!), in which case consider this article a history lesson. As for the rest you, keep reading anyway and feed your inner nostalgia.

Zingers are bees… or rather wasps, to be more precise. They are the most common form of enemy in the Donkey Kong Country and Land series aside from the actual Kremlings themselves. They’re typically yellow and black in color with big, googly eyes (of course they do!), sharp points that line their spine and a stinger on their buttox. The Donkey Kong Country three version of Zingers are quite different, as they are generally green with razors blades lining their bodies as opposed to the sharp points and stinger. Now regardless of a Zinger’s appearance, the only way a one can ever be defeated is with a well-placed hit with a barrel or attacking them with pretty much any of the Kongs’ animal buddies.


Some of the unique things about Zingers that differs them from other enemies in the games is that they’re always positioned in different ways. There could be one (or several) remaining in a single position to prevent progression, they could be moving toward you, rotating in circles to block a particular item and so forth. They’re generally never the same. Taking that into consideration, a Zinger is probably the Kongs’ biggest threat. Speaking of big… there has even been a couple of Zinger bosses! In Donkey Kong Country, a gargantuan Zinger called the Queen B serves as boss in Vine Valley; in Donkey Kong Country 2, King B is the boss of Krazy Kremland. Both are very challenging bosses, but the battle against King B is certainly more difficult than that of Queen B. Perhaps he was upset about her defeat?

Taking everything into consideration, I believe I could honestly say that Zingers are, in fact, the Kongs’ greatest threat. I know that I have personally lost many monkeys and apes due to their deadly sting! What are your thoughts on the Zingers? Are they as evil and vile as I claim them to be or am I just overexaggerating things a bit? Share your thoughts in the comments and join us in the forums to discuss it!