EXCLUSIVE: Wizpig Wednesday- Diddy Kong Racing’s Hidden Keys

In typical Rare fashion, there were many things to collect throughout Diddy’s adventure across Timber Island. Golden Balloons to access new levels, Silver-Coins in the Silver Coin Challenges, and even a few hidden keys, as subjected in the title of this month’s editorial. There were four hidden keys in Diddy Kong Racing, each residing within a specific level in each of the game’s four worlds. Collecting the keys would grant access to special bonus levels hidden behind locked doors. Here’s a list of which levels the keys were hidden in and what they unlocked…

Dino Domain Key
Location: Ancient Lake
Unlocks: Fire Mountain. An inner volcano with dazzling hot lava where collecting eggs and returning them to your nest is key to victory. Player with the most eggs wins.

Snowflake Mountain
Location: Snowball Valley
Unlocks: Icicle Pyramid. A free-for-all battle arena in a three-layered pyramid constructed of pure ice. Last one standing wins.

Sherbet Island
Location: Crescent Island
Unlocks: Darkwater Beach. A free-for-all battle arena on a beach with deep waters and shorelines. Last one standing wins.

Dragon Forest
Location: Boulder Canyon
Unlocks: Smokey Castle. A castle with large stone walls, a moat, and bananas aplenty. Be the first collect a sufficient amount of bananas and return them to your dedicated chest to win.

Completing the above listed bonus levels does have a purpose, of course. By reigning victoriously, you be rewarded with a special piece of the T.T. Amulet which is required to unlock the final, true battle against Wizpig.

Out of the four special levels, I’ve always personally favored Icicle Pyramid the most. It’s an absolute blast to play, especially when you have a group of three other players to battle against. For those of you who have experience the bonus levels before, do you have a preference? Let us know in the comments and, of course, in the forums as well!