EXCLUSIVE: Top Seven Sports For Kinect Sports 3

No, there hasn’t been any official announcments for a new title in Rare’s Kinect Sports franchise; but with the franchise having sold over six million units worldwide since its incarnation in 2010, I’d say it’s inevitable, wouldn’t you? So let’s take a look at seven different sports that Kinect Sports 3 could potentially embrace…

7. Ice Hockey
Who wouldn’t want a bit of ‘Ice Hockey’ in Kinect Sports? They way I visualize the game would be through two various play styles: one is attempting to hit the puck into the net and the other is playing the goalie and trying to prevent the puck from entering the net. No skating around the ‘Ice Hockey’ rink and whatnot as that would really test the Kinect to its limits, if it’s even capable of allowing such a thing.

6. Archery
This one is pretty simple. Targets are laid out and your goal is to basically score as many points as possible by trying to put the arrow into the center of the target. Very similar to ‘Darts’, but require you to move and position yourself as if you’re actually using a bow and arrow. Imagine ‘Archery vs. Zombies’?!

5. Fencing
This is probably the one sport where you’d really be wishing for a solid object in your hand, but nonetheless would still be fun if implemented right. Everyone should love a bit of swordplay and considering you’re already swinging your arms about as it is, why not have something in place where you’re getting to hit others with a sword or stick? It’s the proper evolution to Kinect Sports’ ‘Boxing’!

4. Kickball
This one would be pretty wild with the kicking involved and would probably result in a few injuries as someone is bound to lose their balance at some point and fall on their buttox. What I have in mind here is again playing two different positions. One is your the kicker: you kick the ball then run in place to the bases, trying to make it home before getting an out. The second is you play the pitcher who rolls the ball to the kicker and then take the position of one of the players in the field after the ball has been kicked. Your goal then is to prevent the player from making it home and scoring. This is probably the more complicated sport of the seven listed here, but I definitely see it as a viable possibility.

3. Croquet
Kinect Sports already has ‘Golf’, so why not bring ‘Croquet’ to the franchise as well? It’s very similar to ‘Golf’ in the sense that you’re using a stick and hitting a ball; in ‘Croquet’, however, rather than knocking a ball into a hole, you’re actually hitting it through various iron archs laid out on a course. The framework for ‘Croquet’ is technically in place already, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to implement.

2. Handball
Much like ‘Croquet’, the framework for the ‘Handball’ sport is basically in place already due to its similarities to ‘Table Tennis’ and ‘Tennis’. In ‘Handball’, your basically hitting a ball back and forth against a wall with your hand and continue to do so until you miss the ball or perhaps knock it out of bounds. It’s a fun and more enduring sport than it sounds to be and be an excellent game for some two player cooperation, especially if more than one ball was in play!

1. Dance
Aside from Rare’s very own Kinect Sports franchise, dancing titles such as Dance Central, Just Dance, and Michael Jackson: The Experience have proved to be the best suited titles for utilizing Kinect. Rare could certainly introduce ‘Dancing’ into Kinect Sports 3 and bringing in the crowds from the aformentioned games as well as those that are already familiar with what Kinect Sports already offers. Sounds like a win-win situation to me, doesn’t it you?