EXCLUSIVE: Tribal Tuesday- Donkey Kong 64 Was Essentially A Shooter

Donkey Kong 64 was a collect-a-thon to the fullest. Bananas, Golden Bananas, Banana Fairies, Crowns, etc., etc. All of those things were required if you wanted to finish the game completely. Amongst all of that collecting around those gargantuan worlds, I believe that there was one thing that seemingly went unnoticed: Donkey Kong 64 was essentially a third-person shooter.

Think about it for a moment. Every Kong had a weapon at their disposal. Donkey Kong had his Coconut Guns; Diddy Kong had Peanut Poppers; Tiny Kong had a Feather Crossbow; Chunky Kong a Pineapple Bazooka; and Lanky Kong had a Grape Shooter. Throughout the entire adventure these weapons could be used to battle enemies and solve puzzles. Each weapon could also be upgraded to hold more ammo and be given a homing ability at Funky’s Armory. When you dive into the multiplayer mode, it becomes even more obvious as using weapons is your best option, especially when there are four players involved. Heck, you can even zoom in and fire from long distances if you wish, which essentially makes you a sniper.

When and if you ever decide to tackle Donkey Kong 64 again, think of it as more than just your typical Nintendo 64 collect-a-thon platformer. You can also think of it as a third-person shooter featuring monkeys, apes, and crocodiles… as awkward as that may seem.