EXCLUSIVE: What Can We Expect From Rare In 2014?

Last year was a pretty good year for Rare. We saw the release of Kinect Sports Gems, Kinect Sports Rivals: Preseason and revival of Killer Instinct (developed by Double Helix with some assistance from Rare). This Spring, the full Kinect Sports Rivals game will be available on Xbox One. Beyond the inevitable KS Rivals DLC is anyone’s guess. There is the remote possibility that we could see the announcement of another of their classic franchises once E3 rolls out in June. Rare’s Head of Studio, Craig Duncan, said back in August that the team had ideas for Viva Pinata, Perfect Dark, Conker and Banjo. Of course, a brand new IP is not out of the question either.

If anything were to be revived from Rare at this point, it should certainly be Banjo. If there’s one thing that the Xbox platform has been missing throughout the years it’s a decent, exclusive platformer and a new Banjo-Kazooie developed in the vain of the original games would fill that void. Would it be released this year? Unlikely, but an announcement would be excellent!

What are you hoping to see from Rare this year? And are you excited about the forthcoming release of Kinect Sports Rivals? Let us know in the comments!