EXCLUSIVE: Wizpig Wednesday-Who Is Wizpig?

Timber Island. It’s a peaceful little island in Diddy Kong Racing where its inhabitants enjoy each other’s company by racing one another on their prestigious tracks. Then one day, something horrible happens. The evil space-fiend Wizpig appears, transforming the island’s champion racer, Drumstick, into a frog and claims Timber Island as his own.

Wizpig is an enormous space pig that towers over the residents of Timber Island. He loves to refer to them as ‘worms’, suggesting his dominance over them. When he takes over, he replaces Taj the Genie’s Mount Rushmore-ish display with his own and binds it shut with four magical amulets. The amulets must be obained in order to challenge Wizpig.

When defeated, Wizpig runs off and escapes to another planet via his spaceship. Using the powers of the TT Amulet, it is possible to give chase to him and defeat him on his own turf, ultimately banishing him to some unknown whereabouts in the universe.

Wizpig has never been seen in any other title other than Diddy Kong Racing and its remake, DKR DS. It was somewhat hinted that he would have reappeared on the cancelled Donkey Kong Racing, considering the fact that it had Taj as a recurring character. Will we ever have the privilege of being referred to as worms by a giant space pig again? Probably not, but I suppose it’s not completely impossible.