EXCLUSIVE: You Should Be Excited For Killer Instinct’s Free-To-Play Model. This Is Why…

The newly announced Killer Instinct’s free-to-play model has been met with controversy. From the comments I’ve been reading across the internet and from people that I spoke with at E3, they either like it, hate it or are completely unsure of it. Even I initially hated the idea, thinking the game was sent out to die before it ever really had a chance to breathe again. But after more details became available on the F2P model and after giving it much thought, I am in complete favor of this approach and you should be too.


First of all, how exactly is Killer Instinct free-to-play and how does it work? When the game launches alongside the Xbox One this November, you’ll be able to download it free of charge. What you get with that download is access to the full single player mode, online multiplayer, and the playable character Jago. You essentially have the entire game at your fingertips without paying a single dime…and that’s where the F2P model kicks in. There will be plenty of other characters available in the game such as Sabrewulf, Glacius and other returning favorites, and you’ll be able to purchase them individually, but only if you want to. Are you a great player with Glacius and horrible with Sabrewulf? Then you could purchase Glacius individually and never have to both with Sabrewulf. Even better, if Glacius is the only character that you’ll possibly ever play as, then you’re kicking ass with Killer Instinct with only a few dollars spent; or again, pay absolutely nothing if Jago is your guy.

The point with Killer Instinct being free-to-play is to allow you, the player, to spend whatever you want, if you want. There are obligations to ever spend a dime. You could outright purchase the full game for $50-$60 (that’s just an educated guess) with all of its content, or spend little-to-nothing at all. With a fighting game like Killer Instinct, it makes perfect sense and I believe will completely work in its favor. When I play KI today, I never use the full roster of characters. It’s either Spinal or Fulgore for me, never anyone else. Or if I play Street Fighter, it’s always Ryu or sometimes Ken. So if it’s only $4 to purchase an individual character in the new Killer Instinct, then I just spent only $8 for everything I need. Not another penny am I obligated to spend and I can enjoy the same game in the exact same manner as someone who purchased everything. How is that not preferable?


I honestly hope that this article has helped to shed some light on this subject. I know it’s different and something that console gamers aren’t quite used to, but with Killer Instinct it’s honestly the best approach to take with the game. It gives you options and complete and total freedom on how you want to play the game and what you want to spend. What more could you ask for?