EXCLUSIVE: My Biggest Issue With The New Killer Instinct


A few days ago, I published my hands-on impressions for the new Killer Instinct and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the game. Just as I said I stated in my impressions, the game is still very much Killer Instinct, with Double Helix Games doing an excellent job of capturing the essence that made the original games so great. But you know, nothing is ever absolutely perfect, and the new Killer Instinct is no exception. From the countless hours I spent with the game at E3 last week, there was one thing that stood out to me that believe needs to be corrected: the combo announcing.

It’s not the announcer of the combos themselves that I have an issue with, but rather the way in which the combos are announced. In comparison to the original Killer Instinct, they’ve somewhat lost a bit of the charm they previously had. In the new Killer Instinct, when a combo is achieved, they are announced as, for example, “HYPER”, “BRUTAL”, “BLASTER”, etc.; in the previous games, it was similar, but actually had the word ‘combo’ attached to every single combo. For instance, rather than simply saying “HYPER”, it would be “HYPER COMBO”. To new players of the franchise, it really won’t be that big of a deal as it is still extremely satisfying to hear that booming voice resonate from the speakers of your television; to older players though, such as myself, it’s clearly noticeable that it doesn’t quite have the same impact as before.

Killer Instinct Xbox One Gameplay

Another thing that’s a bit bothersome is the lack of a uniqueness of each announced combo. With the exception of “ULTRAAAAAAA” at the end of a match if the player manages to pull it off, each combo sounds nearly identical to the last when voiced. That’s another thing that stood out so well in the original KIs, the fact that every single combo had it’s own unique identity. Let’s take the aforementioned “HYPER COMBO” as an example. It wasn’t simply said as “HYPER COMBO”, but there was a unique emphasis on each individual word. In this example, it was announced as “HYPerrrr COMbo”. Again, to many it may not seem like such a big deal, but those little attentions to details makes an enormous difference.

This new Killer Instinct has an infinite amount of potential and based on what I played last week, I have no doubt that Double Helix Games can pull it off quite well. They’ve been listening to feedback from many professional gamers in the fighting gaming scene and fans alike, so they’re ears are definitely open to both suggestions and criticisms. I know based on other people’s comments that I’m not the first to have concerns over the way the combos are voiced and the lack of their unique identifiers, and I certainly won’t be the last. So to all the fine developers at Double Helix developing this game, I hope you take the suggestions in this article into deep consideration and apply them to the game. I, as do many others, believe it will make a huge difference in the overall experience.

For everyone else who is reading this article, if you agree or even disagree with my opinions in this article, then I suggest you take to the comments and share your own opinions on the matter. Every bit of feedback is extremely important, so don’t hesitate to give your own!