Goldeneye Multiplayer Completed in Only One Month

Strike this one as an amazingly accomplished feat. While it has been common knowledge for awhile now that Goldeneye’s multiplayer wasn’t always intended to be in the game, it wasn’t known exactly just how it came about…until now. Martin Hollis, lead designer of Goldeneye, gave a small speech on the development of the game this week at GamesCom and revealed that the multiplayer was started and finished within a month without the blessing of management from either the higher ups at Rare or Nintendo. The reason being that they would have given them a resounding “o” because it would have potentially thrown the game off schedule. Thus, Martin and the team went ahead and developed without their knowledge and as a result we got what is considered the best multiplayer title of its time. Could you imagine Goldeneye without the multiplayer? We almost got that and it surely wouldn’t have seen the same success that it did. Kudos to cleverly hidden secrets, right?