EXCLUSIVE: Tribal Tuesday- How Goldeneye 007 and Perfect Dark Defined the FPS Genre

Before Goldeneye ever released, Nintendo had no faith in the title whatsoever. They didn’t believe the title would be very successful and didn’t want it to have multiplayer! Rare however, despite Nintendo’s wishes, developed the multiplayer anyway and when the title released it was mainly the multiplayer that made the game such a success. Word of mouth on how much fun and incredibly awesome the game was pushed the title forward to sell around 8 million units in its lifetime. That was an incredible feat for a game that wasn’t supposed to very well to begin with wouldn’t you say?

Perfect Dark released a few years later and was its own original title. It kept the same core elements of what made Goldeneye the outstanding title it was and basically did everything better. An enhanced multiplayer, a bigger campaign with full co-op and counter-op missions, better weapons with secondary functions and so much more. It didn’t go on to sell quite as much as its predecessor before it, but it was still just as popular and made its mark on the industry.

The majority of new gamers today have probably never heard of Perfect Dark or Goldeneye, much less have ever played them. Even we could put them in a time machine and send them back to a time when these two titles reigned supreme, they probably wouldn’t understand or be able to quite acknowledge the immensive impact the games had on their beloved FPS genre. The gameplay back then was radically different as there were no twin joysticks, there was no regenerating health and there was no hand-holding. You had to master the game and ultimately win with your own prowess and skill. Elements that would the majority of FPS games actually don’t utitilize today but would certainly benefit from them if they did.

So let’s face it. Goldeneye 007 and Perfect Dark were two of the greatest and most influential FPS titles to ever grace a console back in their eras. They helped to define the genre and basically pave the way for the slew of FPS games we have today. The immense popularity of the Halos and Call of Duties that the world enjoys so thoroughly basically have the success of Goldeneye and Perfect Dark to thank for their very own success. Had those two titles failed, would the industry be entirely different right now? It very well could be.