IAm8Bit Releasing Banjo-Kazooie And Perfect Dark Vinyls

IAm8Bit is teaming up with Rare and Microsoft to deliver two brand new vinyls for Banjo-Kazooie and Perfect Dark. Each has their own unique album cover and will feature the soundtracks for each of their respective games. The Battletoads vinyl previously available exclusively as this year’s San Diego Comic-Con will also be available as a public release too! Here’s a look at all three of their unique covers…

Battletoads Vinyl Cover Perfect Dark Vinyl Cover Banjo Vinyl Cover

The vinyls will be available for pre-order at the IAm8Bit Store tomorrow morning at 10am PST. There are only 3,000 copies of each to be made available, so if you’re interested in purchasing them, then you’d best be ready!

Store_Banjo_Cover_1024x1024 Store_Banjo_Back_Cover_1024x1024

Store_Perfect_Dark_Cover_1024x1024 Store_Perfect_Dark_Back_Cover_1024x1024