Meet The Cast Of Kinect Sports Rivals: Kosha Engler (Carmen)

Here is a Rare interview with Kosha Engler, the actress who portrays Carmen in Kinect Sports Rivals. For the full interview visit Rare’s official website

Rare: Was this your first experience of performance capture? If so, how was it? If not, are you worried that you’re starting to like the suit?

Kosha Engler: No. I first did performance capture when I played Claire in Crysis 3, also with the Centroid (motion capture studio) guys. Except for the Lycra, masses of kit and all the cameras, the performance was a lot like theatre. You use full voice, you move as if on stage, you play on a bare set with other actors and it’s all filmed at the same time. As for the suit – well, it shows your religion so I avoid carbs at lunch.

Rare: Where are gamers and non-gamers most likely to have seen (or heard) your work before?

KE: Crysis 3, which is my likeness, voice and movement, and Remember Me, in which I play the assassin Olga Sedova (also mocap). I also voice the latest Maybelline UK TV ads.

Rare: How would you describe your character in Kinect Sports Rivals, and why do you think people should sign up for her team?

KE: I play Carmen of the Eagle Legion. She’s the fun-loving, sassy star athlete who enjoys teasing her team captain, Blake. People should sign up because the Eagles are top athletes and embody honor and fair play. And because Carmen is cool.