Mumbo Animation From 2004 Released

Mumbo Animation From 2004 Released

Today in celebration of the great success Rare Replay has had former Rare artist Ed Bryan has tweeted an animation of Mumbo from 2004! You can see it below here:

Considering the timeline of when this animaation was created it is safe to assume this model would be used in the unreleased Banjo X for the original Xbox. Banjo X was going to be the third Banjo game featuring new moves and our favorite cast of characters all done up for the new age of consoles.

You can read more about Banjo X here:

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One thought on “Mumbo Animation From 2004 Released

  1. SpongicX

    Why the heck did they ruin all the appearances in Nuts & Bolts?! Both this design, and game sounded much better!

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