Quick And Easy Achievements In Rare Replay Guide

Rare Replay has 10,000 gamerscore attached with it and many of the achievements will take some time, dedication and hard work. There are a few though that are very simple to unlock if you know what to do (minus the play any game for the first time). So we have created a small achievement guide for the quick and easy achievements you might not have yet!

a historic victoryA Historic Victory (30 GS)
Killer Instinct Gold: Play as Gargos in any mode.

To unlock this achievement all you need to know is the push code combination. Start Killer Instinct Gold and don’t press anything yet. Wait for the main menu to start showing the character bios. When the character bio showcase starts press:

View (Select), A, Right On Right Stick, View (Select), A, X

If you inputted this code correctly you should hear Gargos laugh. Now just go into ay game mode and select Gargos as your character. He is the blue monster looking guy. You should pop the achievement shortly after the match starts.

easy does it‘Easy’ Does It (30 GS)
Conker’s Bad Fur Day: Use a cheat code.

From the main menu of Conker’s Bad Fur Day (in the pub), scroll left or right to ‘Options’ and once in ‘Options’ select ‘Cheats’. Enter any one of the following into the keypad followed by the enter button and you are good to go! We suggest using the unlock every chapter and cutscene cheat so you can easily obtain the next achievement.
  • WELDERSBENCH – Unlocks EVERY chapter and cutscene.
  • EASY – Easy mode
  • VERYEASY – Very easy mode
  • EATBOX – Play as Caveman in multi-player mode
  • WELLYTOP – Play as Conker in multiplayer
  • EASTEREGGSRUS – Play as Neo Conker in multiplayer
  • RUSTYSHERIFFSBADGE – Play as Sergeant and Tedi Leader in multiplayer
  • CHINDITVICTORY – Play as Weasel Henchmen in multiplayer
  • BEEFCURTAINS – Play as Zombies and Villagers in multiplayer
  • BILLYMILLROUNDABOUT – Unlock Gregg in multiplayer
  • SPUNKJOCKEY – Matrix-style sword deaths
  • DRACULASTEABAGS – Use baseball bat instead of stick in Race multiplayer mode
  • DUTCHOVENS – Use frying pan instead of stick in RACE multiplayer mode

Using cheats do not prevent achievements from unlocking in Conker’s Bad Fur Day.

conkers quest
Conker’s Quest (20 GS)
Conker’s Bad Fur Day: Collect $2310 throughout the game.

Go to the cheat menu in the ‘Options’ menu of the Conker’s Bad Fur Day. Select ‘Cheats’ and then enter WELDERSBENCH. This will unlock all chapters and cutscenes. Then go to the ‘Chapter Select’ menu and find the Heist chapter. Select ‘The Vault’ from ‘Heist’. Once it loads and a couple seconds of the cut scene happens the achievement will unlock.

waging warWaging War (15 GS)
Gunfright: Shoot 100 money bags over time.

A very quick and easy way to get this achievement is to start a new game and immediately pause (the Rare Replay pause) and create a save in an empty slot. Then un-pause and shoot as many money bags as you can before you appear outside the jail. A trick is just put the cursor near the bottom of the screen and shoot at the bags once they reach your cursor. Once outside the jail just pause again, load your save and start the process over until you shoot 100.

You should also get the Ask Questions Later achievement for firing 250 bullets by repeating this method.

long in the tooth
Long in the Tooth (15 GS)
Knight Lore: Survive for 40 days.

In order to unlock the achievement, all you must do is make it to the end of the 40th night without getting a “Game Over” screen. All you need to do is start up the game and simply leave the controller alone. Don’t move. There will be no enemies or traps in the starting room so you will have nothing to worry about. After the 40th night passes the achievement will unlock shortly.

If your day counter is not going up turn off cheats.

interstellar tradingInterstellar Trading (15 GS)
Solar Jetman: Use all three jetpods over time.

You can either purchase the ships down the road after you have saved up or you can type in some nifty codes. First just start the game and use the default starting ship. Then restart the game and from the main menu where you see Start Game and Continue press View (Select) to select Continue and then press Start to enter the password screen.

Enter the password KBBKBBDBBQPB and then press B to start a level with the Italian Racing Jetpod.

Fly around for a few seconds and then quit and repeat the steps above to enter another password.

This time enter ZQBPQQQQDMNB to start a level with the Nippon Sports Jetpod.

After flying around for a little with the third spaceship you should unlock the achievement.

curtain callCurtain Call (30 GS)
Watch the credits. They’re fun, we promise.

All you need to do is watch the credits! They are less than 5 minutes longs. Be in the main menu of Rare Replay so you can see Rare Revealed, Game Gallery and Snapshots. Press the start button to see the ‘Global Options’. From here select Credits and sit back and enjoy.

expiration dateExpiration Date (20 GS)
Killer Instinct Gold: Perform five No Mercy or Fatality finishers over time.

This solution requires two controllers. Doing this method will also get you the Streaky Breakin achievement and Didn’t Break a Sweat achievement.

Go into Arcade Mode and press Start on your second controller so it is now two player Arcade. Before you pick your fighters be sure to be holding Down on the D-pad on both controllers and then select them by pressing Medium Kick on both controllers. This will take you to the Sky Stage where you can do easy Stage Fatalities by hitting the enemy with an uppercut.

For example, you can use Jago who’s uppercut input is: Right, Down, Down-Right + Fierce Punch or Medium Punch.

So there you go! Hopefully that helped get you a couple extra achievements you might not have had yet. If you know of any other easy and quick achievements let us know in the comments below!