Never Before Heard Music For Prototyped Game Tailwind

UPDATE: Mr. Burke has taken down the videos with the tracks from his YouTube channel. Unfortunately no mirrors or copies were made. If nothing gets posted again soon, in just a few short months Tailwind will be fully revealed in Rare Replay.

Today, Steve Burke, a former composer at Rare for many years released some of the tracks for a prototyped game called Tailwind. Tailwind will be featured in the unreleased game showcase in Rare Replay. Rare Replay will include actual footage of the game but right now you can listen to some of the music that would be accompanying the game.

During this years E3, we here at RareFanDaBase got to see the video that showcased Tailwind. From what we saw it appeared to be a game where you could fly vehicles. The music seems very representative of that with it being upbeat, airing and adventurous.

In total, Mr. Burke wrote 25 minutes of music for the Tailwind prototype. Have a listen below!

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You can hear more from Steve Burke here: