Weekly Rare News Roundup: 08/03/15–08/09/15

Here’s the roundup of Rare news for August 3rd through August 9th, 2015! Click any of the links to view the news story in its entirety!

Rare Replay Tips From Chris Allcock

Top Secret Tunes In Rare Replay Compilation

New Sea Of Thieves Art

Previously Unseen In Rare Replay Compilation

Previously Seen On Rare Replay: Tailwind

Rare Replay Patch With JFG Controls Update Now Out

Previously Unseen On Rare Replay- Black Widow

Previously Unseen On Rare Replay- Kameo 2

Previoulsy Unseen On Rare Replay- The Fast And The Furriest

Early Banjo- Companion Was A Dog And Not A Bird

Previously Unseen On Rare Replay- Sundown

Sea Of Thieves Will Release In 2016

Rash From Battletoads Available In Killer Instinct Now For A Limited Time

Rare Replay Available Now

Develop Interview With Rare Co-Founder Tim Stamper

Kudo Tsunoda: Sea Of Thieves Will Be The Best Game Rare Has Ever Made

Rare Replay Opening Number Sing-along Contest

IAm8Bit Releasing Banjo-Kazooie And Perfect Dark Vinyls