Rare Creative Jam Game Revealed: Hairball Heroes

The last Rare Creative Jam game of the week shown to us by Rare comes from Rare artists Lee, Steve, Andrew, Joe, Andy and Andria.

Hairball Heroes is a platform action game for one or more players, where the player navigates their hirsute avatar through a platform puzzle environment, picking up sticky sweets in their fur by rolling over the top of the confection – 100% + body coverage of sweets makes you a winner!

Featuring familiar Rare characters as hairy critters alongside popular sweets. Players had to be careful to be avoid anything sticky that could tear out previous fur! Attack your enemies with static shocks and special attacks. This could result in the ultimate humiliation, becoming completely bald and losing your sweet stash!

In the 4 days of the Jam, the team put together a 4 player demo. Players had to collect sweets within the time limit by rolling over them.

We have definitely been loving how the games shown to us this week have utilized all the great Rare characters from the past as well as fun multiplayer. Great work Team Hairball! The gameplay mechanic of sticky things taking away the objects sticking to you is a nice twist as well. You can see the big tape dispenser in one of the images below that is most likely one of the objects to watch out for!


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