Rare Replay Intro Video Lyrics

We bet you have watched the Rare Replay opening sequence at least once by now. Some of you might have learned all the lyrics as well. If you haven’t we the lyrics below to help you memorize them!

It’s a Rare Replay, we’re here to say
Get ready for an All-Star Show
There’s thirty games in our hall of fame
The cast! Is vast! Let’s hurry up and go!

The Dark Queen’s got a fight in store
For Pimple, Zits and Rash,
Cooper’s grabbed by Ghoulies
While Conker grabs the cash!
Jetman scorches aliens
with heat from his Jetpac
There’s buildings to demolish
And an Atic to attack!

It’s a Rare Replay, but don’t dismay
If you made it through these games before!
Oh we guarantee there’s more to see
A pass, first class, to featurettes galore!

Joanna’s got a wanted villain
Squarely in her sights
And Sabreman becomes a werewolf
Every single night
Jet Force…

*music diddle*

We’re almost ready! Time to dim the lights!
There’s KI, Banjo, Kameo
Piñatas – all the games you know!
We blew our budget on this hall
Just so you could play them all!

It’s a Rare Replay, a grand display
For players that are old and new!
Over 30 years of laughs and cheers
Press A! Hooray!
It’s time for a Rare Replay!

Apparently…learning these lyrics could come in handy in the future!