The New Xbox One Marketplace Demolishes Categorized Games

I’m still trying to decipher in my mind the wisdom behind this decision. Apparently, the games marketplace on Xbox One will no longer be separated into individual sections. Now, all games will rather be unified into one massive library. In other words, previous Xbox 360 categories such as Xbox LIVE Arcade, Indies and so forth no longer exist; they’re all now combined into one individual section. Visit CVG for more information in regards to this.

In theory, and once you read that full story, it doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. But what happens once more and more games become available digitally? Wouldn’t it be more difficult to browse trough the marketplace? Perhaps it’s just personal taste to want things to be in a more organized fashion, but I’ll hold off judgement until I’ve seen it and experienced it for myself. What are your thoughts on this matter? Share them below in the comments!