Wizards & Warriors X: Fortress Of Fear- The Official Story

NOTE: This official story was derived from the official Wizards & Warriors X: Fortress of Fear instruction booklet

The Calm Before The Black Storm

You are Kuros.

One of the bravest warriors ever to wield the IronSword. And the only one to successfully challenge the dark powers of the evil Wizard Malkil.

The black deeds of Malkil know no boundaries. The first time you encountered his wrath, he had captured the Crown Princess and entrapped her in the Castle IronSpire On another occasion (an even the Villagers still live in fear of) Malkil overtook the very forces of life itself: Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water.

And yet, in every confrontation, you were able to finally overcome the forces of his deadly black magic, weakening his powers, bit by bit. But will you be able to do it again?

As of late, the Wizard Malkil has been quiet. Took quiet. No one has seen or heard of him in over ten and seven years. And the silence is deafening.

What’s more, the fair Princess Elaine has disappeared. There are no clues. No indications of where she has gone.

But down in the depths of your heart, you believe that it is Malkil who has abducted her. And taken her back to the dreaded Fortress of Fear at the opposite end of the treacherous tangled woods of Zanifer.

It is precisely at times as quiet as this, that Malkil strikes with his darkest deeds. The calm before the storm…

But this time, Kuros, don’t give him the chance to strike. Enter the Fortress and catch him before he can begin to execute his plan. But then again, brave warrior, maybe your little visit is his plan…