EXCLUSIVE: Can We Expect A New Rare Game At Gamescom?

In a few short weeks from now, Gamescom will be held in Germany. It’s the biggest annual gaming event in Europe and this year it appears to be bigger than ever, thanks especially to the upcoming launch of the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. At Gamescom, Microsoft is going to have an hour long presentation where new games are expected to be announced and new information on older games to surface. We know for a fact that Rare’s Kinect Sports Rivals will have a significant presence during the duration of the event, but could we expect something more?

As of this time, there hasn’t been much to indicate that Rare will show a new game later this month. They’ve been in London last week doing recording sessions with a professional actor, so that could be related, given it’s coincidental timing. Considering Rare is a British studio though, it’s only logical that they would want to announce something at a neighboring event. Microsoft’s own Phil Spencer has claimed that there are still games that have yet to be announced this year, so perhaps one of them will be from Rare?

So let’s assume that Rare does announce something. With Rivals’ delay, it certainly won’t be making launch, thus it would likely be another 2014 title at the very least. What would it be? A game based on an existing properly or a new IP? Their hiring from last year and early this year indicates something new, so I’d find the latter option to be the most prominent scenario.

We’ll be covering all of the Kinect Sports Rivals news and information here and hopes are abound that we’ll be covering more than that also. Stay tuned for our Rare Gamescom footage in couple of weeks!